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‘Nothing Can Stop Biafra’- Arthur Nwankwo

Posted by on June 20th, 2018



Chancellor of Eastern Mandate Union (EMU),
Dr. Arthur Nwankwo, has declared that no
amount of force could suppress the Biafra
spirit and the urge for self-determination by
people of the South East of Nigeria.
This is as Nwanwko lamented that the
conditions that instigated the civil war
between 1967 and 1970 are still as virulent as
These are some of the issues contained in his
just released book, entitled: “Nigeria and her
Path to Doom.”
“It is the inability of the Nigerian state to
come to a round table to renegotiate the
basis for the existence of the country that
has given birth to renewed agitations for self-
“It is in this context that the Biafran agitation
should be located. The Biafran agitation is a
product of the failed state that Nigerian has
“Biafra has become a monumental
phenomenon that cannot be silenced by force
or ‘crushed’.
“It is a constant reminder to the Nigerian
state that all is not well with the structural
configuration of the country.
“The Biafran spirit cannot be quenched by the
furious guns of hatred-Biafra lives.
“Nigeria must be restructured along the line of
true federalism. The Biafran agitation is a call
to this restructuring.
“This agitation is legitimate and in tune with
international law on self-determination.
“The agitation is not different from the
Scottish agitation in the United Kingdom; the
Catalonia agitation in Spain, the Eritrean
agitation in Ethiopia, the South-Sudan
agitation in Sudan,” he said.
Taking a swipe at three years of President
Buhari’s administration, Nwaknwo said the
country needed a reconstructive surgeon who
must perform a painful operation to extricate
a painful ailment and not a bulldozer or robot.
“Buhari is not a constructive surgeon and,
therefore, lacks the requisite credentials to
perform Nigeria’s surgical operation,”
Nwankwo said.


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