PDP Accuses APC Of Buying PVCs Of IDPs

The Benue State chapter of the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, on Sunday alleged that
the All Progressives Congress, APC, was
buying the Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, of
Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, in the state.

PDP claimed that APC was “secretly” offering
between N5, 000 to N10, 000 for each PVCs at
the IDPs camp.
A statement signed and sent to DAILY POST by
Bemgba Iortyom, PDP State Publicity Secretary
urged the IDPs to shun such actions.
The state chapter of PDP also urged security
agencies to investigate its claim and ensure that
perpetrators were made to face the wrath of the
The statement reads,
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“PDP in Benue State has
uncovered a scheme by the
All Progressives Congress
(APC) to buy voters cards
belonging to internally
displaced victims of Fulani
herdsmen attacks some of
who are presently taking
refuge in camps in the state.
“Credible intelligence at our
disposal indicate that APC is
targeting to possibly
manipulate and rig the 2019
elections in its favour
through this scheme which
the party launched on the
day it staged a decamping
ceremony inside the
Internally Displaced Persons
(IDPs) Camp at Daudu.
“To have staged a decamping
ceremony inside an IDPs
camp alone was a record
showing of moral depravity
and conscienceless
desperation, yet APC went a
step further down the path
of infamy with their agents
secretly offering monies
ranging between N5,000 and
N10,000 to displaced persons
at the camp in exchange for
their Permanent Voters Cards
(PVCs) while the charade of a
decamping ceremony lasted.
“The scheme has since then
continued by the opposition
party in the state with their
agents going about secretly
to IDPs camps and as well to
residences housing those
victims of herdsmen attacks
offering to them various
sums of money in exchange
for their PVCs.
“This development is not
only obnoxious and
nefarious but directly targets
to undermine the very
institution of democracy
which stands as the most
prized asset Nigerians have
next to the corporate entity
of the country.
“Moreover, this scheme
amounts to wickedly rubbing
salt into the injuries of
Benue IDPs who are
suffering today because the
APC controlled federal
government failed to protect
them from the swords,
knives and bullets of Fulani
herdsmen who have for
years killed, maimed and
plundered our land at will
and unchallenged.
“We understand that APC
presently is a failed political
experiment only waiting to
be consigned to the
graveyard of history by
Nigerians, as such the party
may not be able to properly
appreciate the value of the
democratic culture which
PDP painstakingly helped to
nurture, yet the party must
not be allowed to
dangerously rock our ship of
state in its dying moments.
“We, therefore, call on the
good people of Benue State
to rise up and condemn in
the strongest possible terms
this dastardly scheme by
APC, and we urge all
internally displaced persons
to shun the devilish offer to
sell their PVCs to the same
party that has been
responsible for their plight.
“Furthermore, we challenge
security agencies to launch
their own investigations into
this matter and bring the
perpetrators to book to
safeguard and preserve our
priceless institution of
democracy, in the best
interest of the Nigerian

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