Lawyer arrested after slapping a woman in public and saying nothing will happen because she’s his wife

A man slapped a woman in public and when he was confronted, he said nothing will be done to him because the woman is his wife. But a man who witnessed the incident got him arrested. Joseph Palmer tweeted: “Yesterday evening, a man slapped the woman who sat beside him and I was so furious that I threatened the man with arrest. He dared me and told me I would do nothing because, the woman is his wife. I made contacts and as we speak, he is in police cell.”He added: “I am glad I was able to show people around that assault is not the way to solve problems because, they all said it’s not my business as he could do anything with the woman. Lol Surprisingly, this woman beater is a lawyer.”Twitter users have thanked Joseph for standing up for the woman, while some expressed fears that the lawyer will do worse to his wife when he’s released.

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